Reasons to Elope

Elopement, eloping, what is it? What does it mean?

It seems the modern day meaning of eloping has evolved from something that was shocking and not traditional to something that is accepted, meaningful, and very desirable in some people's eyes. In my mind, this is preferable to a larger wedding actually. This is just my personal feeling, I am the last one to want to be the center of attention of a large group of people.

So what is an elopement nowadays?

You can make everything in your own way, but the idea of the thing is that you and your fiance hold a ceremony (to make things legal) with just the two of you, a celebrant, and a witness or two depending on the laws of the country you live in or want to get married in. That's it!

Typically we don't associate religious weddings with elopements, so most likely than not, you will have a civil or humanist celebrant. Coming from a Catholic background, in that religion, the marriage of two people is a sacred covenant that is bonded in the Church and there is a specific set of traditions, prayers, moments that are required. I haven't heard yet of a Catholic couple getting married in the Church eloping. But if you are thinking about eloping, you're probably not very traditional anyways!

Huzzah for that, as neither am I :)

Pros and Cons of Eloping

I'll go through the Pros first as for me, it's really hard to think of Cons!

1. Way Less Stress & Flexibility

No invite list? No vendor selection, table placement, wedding party choices? Yes please. Leave all that behind and just focus on what you are doing and what it means to you. That can get lost in the laundry list that is planning a wedding, even a small or medium sized one!

2. Budget

I have to mention money. Weddings are traditionally expensive. This is why the parents historically pay for them or help out in some way! ha. Well, and because of traditions that we have held onto for many years.

3. Location freedom

Especially if you hire a humanist celebrant, you can have your ceremony quite literally wherever you want. In the middle of the mountains? Yes. On a beautiful sandy beach? Yes. At a quite country home? Yes. In the middle of a city? If you really want to yes.

Have too many reasons to elope and need a photographer? Get in touch with me and let's chat, can't wait to hear about your ideas & plans! :)

p.s. I'm still working on the Cons list...

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