Cardiff Bay Elopement

Published on Unconventional Weddings

I am so excited to share with you my first published piece of work going live today on Unconventional Wedding online blog! It's been hard to wait to release these images since I love them so much, but also it was only about a month so really not bad. Most places you'd be waiting 2-4 months to have an article published. 

I loved working with Thomas and Sam on this elopement shoot, they are such a nice pair of humans! We had a lot of fun shooting around Cardiff Bay, with just a few Welsh folk hootin and hollerin, cheers, congratulations, etc.

Cardiff Bay area is just so lovely! It has a lot of cool places to shoot, even comes complete with carousel, my favorite part. So if you ever want to elope in Cardiff, this would be a great places to come for some special fun portraits!

Go check out the article!

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